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nice to meet you! my name is monica

Baking is a huge passion of mine. It was only natural that I share this love with everyone. With the encouragement of friends and family, Noms by Mon was conceptualized in 2013 in rainy Vancouver and has grown into something to be proud about. 


Through my own curiosity and experimentation, I informally trained myself with the basics of baking and eventually taught myself the art of macarons. I wanted to improve my skills further and found myself training under Chef Marco Ropke at Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. I left with a few more tricks, a lot of great ideas and I was super eager to share them with everyone. 


I have always believed that using the best quality ingredients, paired with great technical skills, will create the most delicious baked goods. This principle is reflected in all my products, in which I make everything from scratch, with wholesome ingredients and a lot of love. I truly hope that you enjoy what I make for you as much as I loved making it. 




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